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Wall to Wall on Strasburg

A Stephen Strasburg medley for you:

Baseball Jeremiad’s DC Matt coverage: Part 1. And Part 2.

The Washington Post’s coverage:

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, i.e. Mudville’s hometown rag.

Hardball Times’ pitch/fx numbers.  Extraordinary. 

Drew Silva’s Hardball Talk live-blog.

Craig Calcaterra’s take.

The Wall Street Journal’s take.


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An April Showdown?

The Mets are heading to Philadelphia this week for a three-game series.  Well, this is what Omar Minaya wanted, right?  Meaningful games in April!

In other news:

The Mets completed a sweep of the Dodgers today. 

Not even the elements could stop the Mets. 

Skipper Manuel is going to stick with Ollie come what may. 

Those footsteps you hear belong to Jimmy Rollins. 

The Brad Lidge cometh.

(Sorry, but two more Howard links — and the guys who wrote ’em ain’t schlubs)

John Heyman likes the Howard deal.

Joe Posnanski does not.

MLB Trade Rumors says that the Phillies’ talks with Jayson Werth are at an impasse.  Two things can happen here, it seems: the Phillies re-sign worth and he continues to kill the Mets; or, the Mets sign Werth and he becomes a poor man’s Pat Burrell.

The Joy of Sox tells us that Red Sox keep playing one-run games.  My baseball instincts tell me that doesn’t speak well for the team’s future.

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Walk-off links

To cheer myself up after watching the Nationals walk in the winning run in the bottom of the tenth to lose to the Cubs, I share these links:

Flip Flop Fly Ball: I had forgotten about this site but rediscovered it today.  Definitely worth a visit.  It has cool graphs and visual representations of interesting baseball facts.  Sounds super-nerdy but trust me, it’s neat.

Topps Million Card Giveaway: Yeah this is probably going to make me buy a pack of cards.  I mean, worst case you have a new pack of baseball cards.

How pitch counts have changed in the past 20 years: Jersey Matt found it and shared it with me.  I think he expected that I would write something about it, and maybe eventually I will.  But not now.  Worth reading on its own.

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Cleaning up the Reader

Matt and I created an email for comments, tips, corrections and rants.  Since we’re squeezing every bit of creative energy into our posts, we didn’t waste any of it on the email address: we can be reached at

One of the motivations for setting up a gmail account was the usage of a GoogleReader.  For those of you not familiar, it’s basically a souped up, sortable RSS feed.  For those of you who don’t know what an RSS feed is, it’s basically a sole webpage that receives updates from any websites or blogs that you’ve flagged.  In other words, it’s one stop shopping for baseball news.

Perhaps the sole disadvantage of the Google Reader is that links can pile up rather quickly.  Moreover, since I’m subscribed to several links for each team I’ll be covering, there’s plenty of overlap.  As a result, from time to time, Matt or I will plow through the GoogleReader and link some stories and posts of interest that we may have previously missed. 

That being said: on to the links…

I’d kill for Rob Neyer’s GoogleReader.  Here are his Monday links.

Remember those vultures?  They’re baaaack.

Power Rankings.

Somehow, I think Gary Matthews Jr. belongs on this list.  Then again, Wells, Guillen and Soriano are mighty large albatrosses in their own rights.

When not spitting vituperation, Murray Chass is a pretty good baseball columnist.

Taking an Oh-Fer in a 20-inning game will do a number on the stat line — especially when it’s only April.

I think I’m going to need to read The Eastern Stars by Mark Kurlansky.

That’ll be enough to waste away your morning in a government office, now won’t it?

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