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Of Course, It’s a Yankee Hat

Calcaterra cues up the ugliest, most vile looking hat you’ve ever seen in your life.


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Great Moments in Selective Blogging

NBC’s Hardball Talk blog is normally filled with insightful commentary and news.  Heck, it’s the home of the great Craig Calcaterra, nee Shysterball.

Yet, this morning, Drew Silva gets all selective on us.  His post [full text]:

ESPN The Magazine ran a poll recently asking 100 unnamed MLB players to rank the best and worst umpires in the game. 

Jim Joyce, who blew Tigers starter Armando Galarraga’s bid for a perfect game two weeks ago, was given top billing in the poll and it wasn’t even close.  Tim McClelland came in second and Jim Wolf was ranked third.  CB Bucknor, Joe West and Angel Hernandez were ranked among the worst.

Joyce drew praise for owning up to his mistake and clearly showing remorse when he denied Galarraga history in June.  Many players and fellow umpires came forward in defense of the man, and now it’s pretty clear to see that he is widely respected.

So far, so good.  However, look at the first comment responding to Silva’s post:

They also voted like 60% against instant replay to 20% for instant replay[.]

Ah, now we’re getting to something interesting.  Using the link provided in the post, let’s check out’s reporting of the results.

Players also were decidedly opposed to replay and overwhelmingly applauded commissioner Bud Selig for not overturning Joyce’s call that kept Galarraga from being the 21st pitcher in history to throw a perfect game.

And later in the article:

The survey also found players lukewarm — at best — on replay. Only 22 percent of players favored replays for calls on the bases, and only 36 supported replay on fair/foul calls.

And only 13 percent thought Selig should have given Galarraga a perfect game despite Joyce’s botched call. Said one player: “As a pitcher, it was heartbreaking to see that. But the call had to be overturned on the field, not in the front office.”

Come on, Mr. Silva, hew away from the HT party line for just a minute.

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