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Jersey Matt | 5.11.10

I recently saw a statistic about David Wright’s post-hit by a pitch in the head statistics and as compared to those before he got beaned. I want to run the stats on this.

So, loyal readers, toss me some names of players who’ve been hit in the head. The only qualification — he needed to be a player of some established means before he was beaned. In other words, there needs to be a basis for a before and after comparison.

Leave the name in the comments section or email us at

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David Wright seems to have a strike-out problem.

As a Mets fan, hearing the words “Putz” and “option for closer” gives me the cold sweats.

Howard Bryant has a new book about Hank Aaron.  The NY Times makes it today’s Book of the Times.  A snip from the review:

Mr. Bryant, a senior writer for ESPN magazine, quotes the sportscaster Bob Costas as remarking, about Mays, that we “associate him with fun” and remember him with fondness. With Aaron, he added, “it is all about respect.” That quotation lingers like wood smoke over “The Last Hero.” These biographies of Mays and Aaron, taken together, are a striking and elegiac assessment of race relations in America during the 20th century. They are elegant portraits, as well, of two different ways of being a man. Wrap them both up for the 14-year-old in your life. The volume that’ll be left standing when the major book awards are handed out, though, is Mr. Bryant’s, I suspect. His is the brawny one, the one with serious and complicated swat.

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