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One More Dallas Braden/Alex Rodriguez Post

The New York Daily News’ Bill Madden asked Tom Seaver what he thought about A-Rod’s mound-expedition and his subsequent explanation for his Sunday column.

The results:

“Really?” said Tom Seaver, “I wonder if he would do and say that with Bob Gibson?”

I asked Seaver if he thought Braden over-reacted to A-Rod’s treading on his turf. “You just don’t do that,” the Mets‘ “Franchise” said. “Especially someone who’s played the game as long as (Rodriguez) has. Let me ask him this: ‘Would you dare to do something like that on Don Drysdale, Nolan Ryan, Gibson or me? All of a sudden you remember protocol.”

Jim Kaat, another well-respected pitcher, agreed that players who would dare to cross over the pitcher’s mound on their way to the dugout do so at their own peril.


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Baseball Jeremiad author unwittingly provides video for Huffington Post

If I had known that the Dallas Braden video I posted Thursday night was going to become the most popular sports video on YouTube (for a day, anyway) I would have at least used a tripod or turned the TV volume up, or something.  The video is not very good! Good enough for the Huffington Post sports section, I guess, which I didn’t know existed.  And who knows who else has linked to it.

I also want to take the chance to point out to any MLB Network lawyers that: Look! I didn’t accept YouTube’s offer to put ads up. I’m not trying to make money off of you!  Please don’t sue me.  I love MLB Network, as previously noted, and I don’t want to get into any fights.

Finally, not that he would ever read this, but a note to Dallas Braden: I just thought it was funny that those cups ended up doinking you on the head.  Now you’re being characterized left, right, and sidewise on YouTube and who knows where else.  Maybe you’re a jerk and deserve it, but probably you’re not.  So…there you go.

Update: video also on a blog that I read occasionally and that I think Jersey Matt reads — Bats, the New York Times baseball blog.

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More Dallas Braden coverage

As a Yankees fan I’d like to say I don’t consider there to now be a rivalry between the Yankees and the As, I don’t expect retaliation, I won’t be disappointed when there isn’t retaliation, and I don’t care about this incident.  I do care about how I laughed out loud watching this clip though, specifically when the cups come into play.  You’ll see.

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Boys Will Be Boys

Dallas Braden and Alex Rodriguez exchanged some pleasantries today.  Rob Neyer blogs it.

The LoHud Yankees blog presents the contextual quotes.  An enjoyable clip:

Rodriguez said he had never heard the unwritten rule that a player shouldn’t run across the mound. When Braden started yelling at him, Rodriguez didn’t know what it was about. “I thought it was pretty funny, actually,” Rodriguez said.

Braden, though, went out of his way to call out Rodriguez. He spoke very kindly of the Yankees organization, but took great exception to Rodriguez.

“He should maybe watch his Captain a little more often,” Braden said.

And from Athletics Nation:

We also got to see some absolute fire from Braden, who wasn’t too sick to let A-Rod know exactly what he thought about A-Rod crossing Braden’s pitching mound on the way out to the field. I think we’ll also be the lead story on SportsCenter if A-Rod tries that again.

Much like Rob Neyer, I don’t get what actually happened.  Or, more accurately, I understand the events, but I’m still lost on the motivations.  Neyer summarizes:

My take on this is that your take is all about the context. If you’re Alex Rodriguez or 20,000,000 Yankees fans, you have no idea what Dallas Braden is talking about. If you’re one of Dallas Braden’s teammates or 1,000,000 Athletics fans, you’re thrilled to see one of your guys doing his small part to suggest the A’s won’t just roll over their collective back when the Alpha dog trots into the room.

No, the Yankees won’t be intimidated by Dallas Braden or anyone else. They’re too good, too experienced, too confident. But Braden wasn’t yelling at the Yankees. Not really. He was yelling at himself, and at his teammates. Players have won MVP Awards for such things.

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