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Neyer Throws Cold Water on Hope

Perhaps the title of this post is a bit extreme, but you’ll understand when reading this.


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Help Needed

As I mentioned in my first post, DC Matt and I are going to attempt to cover the Major League teams of the northeast.  I would be lying if I claimed to have more than an elementary grasp of the best blogs for teams other than the Mets.  If you’d be so kind, leave the names and links of the blogs you follow as comments.  This will assist me in getting Matt and I up to speed on what happens outside of our narrow rooting interests.

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Baseball Musings

  • Adam Dunn could become only second player ever to have higher number of strikeouts than BA (currently 157 K and .163). First was M Reynolds. 8 years ago
  • At least the New York Times remembers the Expos... 9 years ago
  • MLB Network on Sabathia: "CC is one of the few pitchers in the league who is his own batting eye." 9 years ago
  • Sabathia vs. Halladay tonight: noted hitting hurler Sabathia is hitting .500 against Cy Young winners (okay, he's 1 for 2 against Johan) 9 years ago
  • RT @jaysonst: Now that Stephen Strasburg has pulled into town, the most important era in Nationals history has officially begun. http:// ... 9 years ago

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