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Print Media: Sunday Edition

Mike Lupica wondered aloud how much ARod has left.

Meanwhile, John Harper thinks it’s time for Posada to embrace the DH within.

Serby interviews Manuel.  Please stop using the word “gansta,” Jerry.

Kilgore from the WaPo reports on that kid who throws hard and his pitch count.

Troy Renick declares it the “Year of the Pitcher.”

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We’ll go full text from the Onion for this one:

True Yankees, Regular Yankees To Now Wear Different Uniforms

NEW YORK—The New York Yankees unveiled a new, lesser uniform at a press conference Tuesday in an effort to distinguish ordinary, run-of-the-mill Yankees from the “true Yankee legends who walk among us.” “To have Javier Vazquez don the same pinstripes as Mariano Rivera or Jorge Posada is…well, it’s unthinkable,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said as Curtis Granderson modeled the sterile, black-and-white uniform with a large, boxy, non-interlocking “NY” stitched across the front of the chest. “The untrue Yankees will wear a blank, unfitted ball cap until they have their big Yankee moment. They’ll wear their last names on the backs of their lesser uniforms as a badge of shame.” When asked which uniform he was assigned, Alex Rodriguez cried for 10 minutes.

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One More Dallas Braden/Alex Rodriguez Post

The New York Daily News’ Bill Madden asked Tom Seaver what he thought about A-Rod’s mound-expedition and his subsequent explanation for his Sunday column.

The results:

“Really?” said Tom Seaver, “I wonder if he would do and say that with Bob Gibson?”

I asked Seaver if he thought Braden over-reacted to A-Rod’s treading on his turf. “You just don’t do that,” the Mets‘ “Franchise” said. “Especially someone who’s played the game as long as (Rodriguez) has. Let me ask him this: ‘Would you dare to do something like that on Don Drysdale, Nolan Ryan, Gibson or me? All of a sudden you remember protocol.”

Jim Kaat, another well-respected pitcher, agreed that players who would dare to cross over the pitcher’s mound on their way to the dugout do so at their own peril.

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The Free Hate

Joe Posnanski examined why it seems to be alright to hate Alex Rodriguez.  His answer: no one will argue with you about it.

Or, in his own words:

In this, A-Rod may be singular in our sports scene. Everybody else has rabid defenders. If you take a moment to bash Bob Knight … or Tiger Woods … or Tony La Russa … or Derek Jeter … or Terrell Owens … or Kobe Bryant … or Ben Roethlisberger … or Michael Vick … … or Peyton Manning … or Tim Tebow … or Phil Mickelson … or Randy Moss … or Roger Clemens … or John Calipari … or Roy Williams … or Barry Bonds … or just about any other athlete or coach who might spark negative views (even if is is because they are so positively portrayed), there will likely be a swam or people who will tell you (with gusto) that you are wrong. There are a lot of people who believe John Rocker was misunderstood.

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Boys Will Be Boys

Dallas Braden and Alex Rodriguez exchanged some pleasantries today.  Rob Neyer blogs it.

The LoHud Yankees blog presents the contextual quotes.  An enjoyable clip:

Rodriguez said he had never heard the unwritten rule that a player shouldn’t run across the mound. When Braden started yelling at him, Rodriguez didn’t know what it was about. “I thought it was pretty funny, actually,” Rodriguez said.

Braden, though, went out of his way to call out Rodriguez. He spoke very kindly of the Yankees organization, but took great exception to Rodriguez.

“He should maybe watch his Captain a little more often,” Braden said.

And from Athletics Nation:

We also got to see some absolute fire from Braden, who wasn’t too sick to let A-Rod know exactly what he thought about A-Rod crossing Braden’s pitching mound on the way out to the field. I think we’ll also be the lead story on SportsCenter if A-Rod tries that again.

Much like Rob Neyer, I don’t get what actually happened.  Or, more accurately, I understand the events, but I’m still lost on the motivations.  Neyer summarizes:

My take on this is that your take is all about the context. If you’re Alex Rodriguez or 20,000,000 Yankees fans, you have no idea what Dallas Braden is talking about. If you’re one of Dallas Braden’s teammates or 1,000,000 Athletics fans, you’re thrilled to see one of your guys doing his small part to suggest the A’s won’t just roll over their collective back when the Alpha dog trots into the room.

No, the Yankees won’t be intimidated by Dallas Braden or anyone else. They’re too good, too experienced, too confident. But Braden wasn’t yelling at the Yankees. Not really. He was yelling at himself, and at his teammates. Players have won MVP Awards for such things.

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Baseball Musings

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