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With the 89th pick in the Amateur Draft, the Mets selected U of Tennessee catcher Blake Forsythe.

The name rang a bell.  Where had I heard “Forsythe” and “catcher”  before? provided the answer.  The short answer is that there’s never been a Mets’ catcher named Forsythe.  However, the Mets did have Brook Fordyce.  Fordyce, in fact, played four games for the Mets in 1995. 

His transaction log:

June 5, 1989: Drafted by the New York Mets in the 3rd round of the 1989 amateur draft. Player signed June 6, 1989.

May 15, 1995: Selected off waivers by the Cleveland Indians from the New York Mets.

October 16, 1995: Granted Free Agency.

December 7, 1995: Signed as a Free Agent with the Cincinnati Reds.

March 25, 1999: Traded by the Cincinnati Reds to the Chicago White Sox for Jake Meyer (minors).

July 29, 2000: Traded by the Chicago White Sox with Jason Lakman (minors), Juan Figueroa (minors) and Miguel Felix (minors) to the Baltimore Orioles for Harold Baines and Charles Johnson.

October 30, 2003: Granted Free Agency.

January 7, 2004: Signed as a Free Agent with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

October 28, 2004: Granted Free Agency.

Fordyce last played in 2004 for Lou Pinella’s Tampa Bay [Devil] Rays.  He’s now the owner of Frozen Rope in Stuart, FL:

Thanks for visiting Frozen Ropes of Stuart, FL, where there’s never an off-season for Baseball and FastPitch Softball!

Frozen Ropes is the most recognized name in baseball and softball instruction. Don’t believe us? Just ask Manny Ramirez of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees, Kaci Clark 1995 National Champion with UCLA and Jessica Mendoza of the 2008 Team USA Olympic Softball team.

These are just some of the great players in their sports who use the techniques developed and taught by Frozen Ropes.

Frozen Ropes instructors present the curriculum in a consistent, well-organized manner using exceptional communication skills to ensure that your player hears the same message every time they attend a Frozen Ropes event. No more will you have to worry about your player hearing different information from different coaches. Our Frozen Ropes ICE TALK is clear, concise and consistent.

Good for Brook.


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