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Are You Worried Yet?

Yankee fans, are you worried yet?

Rob Neyer thinks you should be

No, not about a group of Orioles fans getting angry about the constant pounding their team has received at your hands. 

We’re talking about CC Sabathia here.  In his SweetSpot blog, Rob Neyer links Joel Sherman’s screed in the NY Post.

Sherman writes:

He [Sabathia] was particularly fortunate last night to have the dispassionate, skill-challenged Orioles as opponents. Sabathia’s final line of two runs in seven innings suggests excellence. But this reflected more the inability of the AL’s lowest-scoring team to do real damage.

With Sabathia unable to tame his fastball, Baltimore amassed nine baserunners in the first three innings, but just two runs. Sabathia pitched better thereafter, but still nothing approaching his peak of the past few seasons. He remains without his familiar precision, throwing ball one to half (16 of 32) of the batters he faced. His fastball was consistently in the 92-94 mph range, but he got just one swing and miss on a four-seamer. Sabathia allowed nine hits and walked three in seven innings.

And then Neyer opines:
My best guess is that some of this is your basic regression, and some is your basic fatigue that happens to lots of pitchers. How many hurlers burn brightly for a few seasons in their 20s, only to fade in their late 20s and early 30s? And how many times have teams been burned by six-, seven- and eight-year contracts in the last 35 years?

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3 Responses

  1. Chris J says:

    I don’t know about Yankee fans, but Phillies fans sure are worried…

  2. Jersey Matt says:

    Nervous about that Ryan Howard extension yet?

  3. Chris J says:

    Yeah, I am starting to worry a bit. However, he is still up there with RBI and he is hitting for a decent average .285+. Of course, they pay him to hit 50+ HRs, too. We shall see….

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