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The Debut

Stephen Strasburg about to take the mound to face his first major league batter.

Total pitches:              94

Strikes:                        65

First-pitch strikes:       16

Innings:                       7

Hits:                            4

Runs:                           2

Walks:                         0

Strikeouts:                   14

There isn’t much to say about Stephen Strasburg’s debut that won’t be said by everyone else in the next 24 hours or so.  He was great.  14 Ks and no walks.  His only blemish was the home run in the fourth.  Other than that he was dazzling.

Since the numbers speak for themselves and I don’t want to just parrot what you can and will read everywhere else, here are some pictures from tonight that I hope will give you a slightly different view of the big event.

Baseball Tonight is not often at Nationals Park.

I'll admit it. I wish I could have talked with Jayson Stark.

Ken Burns threw out the first pitch. He was there promoting the supplement to his baseball documentary, "The Tenth Inning."

Strasburg gets a standing ovation for walking onto the field to the dugout. This is pregame, mind you.

A common sight. No kidding.

Jersey Matt's arch nemesis.

Just to remind everyone about that other prospect guy.

Luckily no one is relying on his bat.

This picture shows how far behind Strasburg's fast balls some hitters were.

Scary to kids, bad for America.

Not a bad way to make an entrance.



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