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Deep Thoughts, Tuesday Morning Edition

Will I watch more coverage of “Super Duper Tuesday” or the Strasburg Debut?

Answer: I’ll be focused on the Pierogi/President Showdown:

For the third straight season, the Racing Presidents will face the visiting Pierogies from Pittsburgh during each of the three games vs. the Pirates. Starting Tuesday June 8, Teddy, Abe, George and Tom will square off against Jalapeño Hannah, Cheese Chester, Sauerkraut Saul and Oliver Onion. The tradition started in 2008. In the inaugural race, the four Pierogies were chased by Teddy, wielding a large aluminum foil fork and knife. In the most recent race, held last season in Pittsburgh, Teddy was TKO’d by Potato Pete’s flying tackle, easily the most viewed moment in the history of the young rivalry.

DC Matt will be on-site at Nationals Park for the debut; no word if he’ll renew his on-again, off-again relationship with Jalapeño Hannah.


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