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A Make-Up, A Cliche and a Journeyman

After last week’s disasterous attempt to see a Pirates game, I’ll be trying again today.

I’m setting the attendance over/under for this 12:35 Cubs/Pirates make-up game at about 1,000.  Any takers?

Meanwhile, I think’s preview for the game sums things up rather adroitly (or just shows the desperation Chris Hempson must have felt when writing the blurb):

The Pirates, meanwhile, can only hope they will score a run off Silva, as the 31-year-old hasn’t given up a run against the Pirates in 9 2/3 innings over five career relief appearances. Granted, he hasn’t faced them since 2003, but Cubs manager Lou Piniella will hope the trend continues, as the Cubs want to snap a 1-7 record in eight games against the Bucs during this year.

Silva, however, doesn’t have anything special planned for the Pirates.

“I just pitch my game,” he said. “Go there, pitch my game.”

Newly acquired Dana Eveland will take the hill for the Pirates, as he looks to erase any memories of his final three starts with the Blue Jays, during which he surrendered 17 earned runs in 9 2/3 innings.

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2 Responses

  1. Chris J says:

    Ah, PNC Park, one of the best ballparks I’ve ever been too. Would love to return.

    • Jersey Matt says:

      It’s likely my favorite ballpark of the “new” variety.

      Wrigley and Fenway are still awesome because of a certain mystique; Shea is my all-time favorite for sentimental reasons.

      But, PNC places as high as it could.

      Now if Neal Huntington would only stop recycling retreads.

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