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SI’s Tim Marchman looks at some clubs that attempted to re-prioritize defense, with mixed results.

This past winter, the public noticed something that has been clear for a while: Clever operators think defense is the best value in the game.

NBC’s Hardball Talk adds a little something to Keith Hernandez’s no-good, very bad week.

Have a laugh at 10 clear indications that the Phillies are stealing signs.

Love baseball? Love emotional man-crying? Know real estate? Pool your resources with Jersey Matt, and buy the Field of Dreams. No word on whether skeptical brother-in-law Mark is behind the sale.


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2 Responses

  1. Chris J says:

    I encourage everyone who loves baseball and/or a great read to take a gander at “The Echoing Green” by Joshua Prager. It’s about the 1951 NY Giants and how they stole signs through an elaborate system. Definitely takes the lustre off the Shot Heard Round the World.

  2. Chris J says:

    As for the Field O’ Dreams, I went there a few years back with a friend of mine. A very cool place, nice little town. Hopefully, someone who wants to keep the field there will buy it.

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