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Cleaning Up the Reader (Vol. 2)

Another sprint through the links of the last week:

The Good Phight thinks the Phils have a prospect brewing down on the farm.

PhilliesNation reflects on the late Robin Roberts and his pitching style. 

Are the Sox of Red in a must-win situation tonight?  Perhaps, think their fans.

Andy McPhail is unpleased.  Do you blame him?

Courtesy of The Book and TangoTiger, via the WSJ: the size of the strike zone for different batters.  This is a must read.

Beyond the Box Score names the least valuable players in baseball right, sabermetrically speaking, of course.

Also from BTBS: ten players with whom to start your franchise.

And finally, Tim Lincecum strikes many batters out.  He does it consistently too.  Don’t believe me?  Check the graph.


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