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Ubaldo in the Spotlight, Harwell Tributes Abound

Ubaldo Jimenez leads the bigs in wins and ERA, and he’s now getting some attention from the New York Times. The article mentions that he was first scouted by the New York Mets, but they failed to land him.

Why? That story is explored more in today’s Denver Post, which has a Mother’s Day-themed story on Jimenez and his mom, who still fixes his lunch every day. The story describes how she and her husband wouldn’t allow Ubaldo to sign with the Mets until he finished school, and that only when the Rockies promised to let him finish and to pay for his medical school bills if he didn’t make it in baseball did they let him sign.

I wonder how Jersey Matt feels about that…

It’s hard to turn on the internets today and not see tributes to the late Ernie Harwell, the long time radio voice of the Detroit Tigers. Unsurprisingly, the two best are penned by Mitch Albom and Joe Posnanski. Posnanski links to the video below, which is certainly worth a couple minutes.


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  1. Chris J says:

    Hey, don’t forget the Robin Roberts tributes as well. He passed away today, a Hall of Famer for the Phillies…..for what it’s worth a co-worker of mine found himself on a plane next to a scout for the Astros. He said he rated Strasburg an 85 on a scale from 0-80. I thought DC Matt would like to hear that.

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