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Back on the grid

I’ll be taking notes on the Yankees-Mets collision tonight while working on some new features for the blog.  The day job has had its way with me lately, but I spent the spare moments I had thinking about new things to write about and hope to implement them soon.  I also have some pictures and video to share from recent Nationals games.

Also, stay tuned for a Baseball Jeremiad Twitter feed.

Apparently, the winner of tonight’s game will get their colors splashed on the Empire State Building.  I think too much is made of interleague play and generally don’t think the Yankees and Mets have any business meeting in the regular season, but that’s pretty cool.

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Lazy Blogging = Links

SI’s Tim Marchman looks at some clubs that attempted to re-prioritize defense, with mixed results.

This past winter, the public noticed something that has been clear for a while: Clever operators think defense is the best value in the game.

NBC’s Hardball Talk adds a little something to Keith Hernandez’s no-good, very bad week.

Have a laugh at 10 clear indications that the Phillies are stealing signs.

Love baseball? Love emotional man-crying? Know real estate? Pool your resources with Jersey Matt, and buy the Field of Dreams. No word on whether skeptical brother-in-law Mark is behind the sale.

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Matthew Safe Because Pagan a Hazard to Himself

I kid you not.

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An Upcoming Post

Jersey Matt | 5.11.10

I recently saw a statistic about David Wright’s post-hit by a pitch in the head statistics and as compared to those before he got beaned. I want to run the stats on this.

So, loyal readers, toss me some names of players who’ve been hit in the head. The only qualification — he needed to be a player of some established means before he was beaned. In other words, there needs to be a basis for a before and after comparison.

Leave the name in the comments section or email us at

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At Least He Wasn’t Playing Cards

Jersey Matt | 5.10.10

And it wasn’t a play-off game.

Allegedly the player formerly known as Junior Griffey was asleep in the clubhouse when called upon to pinch hit.’s wire report:

But according to two unnamed younger Seattle players who are both fond of Griffey, the future Hall of Famer had fallen asleep.

“He was asleep in the clubhouse,” one player told the Tribune. “He’d gone back about the fifth inning to get a jacket and didn’t come back. I went back in about the seventh inning — and he was in his chair, sound asleep.”

You may recall…

ATLANTA (AP) – While their teammates struggled to hold onto a one-run lead in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series, New York Mets outfielders Rickey Henderson and Bobby Bonilla played cards in the clubhouse in a show of defiance against manager Bobby Valentine, according to a published report.

The Record of Hackensack reported that, according to people in the organization, the two spent the last three innings in the clubhouse ignoring the game.

I guess all I’m saying is that they could have woken Griffey up.  He likely would have taken the at-bat and refrained from referring to himself in the third person in the post-game interview.

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Baseball Musings

  • Adam Dunn could become only second player ever to have higher number of strikeouts than BA (currently 157 K and .163). First was M Reynolds. 8 years ago
  • At least the New York Times remembers the Expos... 10 years ago
  • MLB Network on Sabathia: "CC is one of the few pitchers in the league who is his own batting eye." 10 years ago
  • Sabathia vs. Halladay tonight: noted hitting hurler Sabathia is hitting .500 against Cy Young winners (okay, he's 1 for 2 against Johan) 10 years ago
  • RT @jaysonst: Now that Stephen Strasburg has pulled into town, the most important era in Nationals history has officially begun. http:// ... 10 years ago

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