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Vecsey Mea Culpa as Mets Torch Third HOF Manager in a Row

In yesterday’s NYT, George Vecsey allowed that he may have been just a slight bit off in his “Abandon Hope” column in which he previewed the Mets season.  Yesterday, Vecsey even offered the Metropolitans a bit of praise:

Having predicted dire things for the Mets, I confess to having been charmed by their 20-inning game in St. Louis, when Manuel managed to produce Pelfrey for a first career save and the resident genius of the Cardinals, Tony La Russa, went down with two position players pitching and a pitcher in left field. Was that a turning point for the Mets?


The funny thing about this homestand is that the Mets are encountering visiting managers with New York ties and vastly more credentials than Manuel.

First came the Cubs’ Lou Piniella, 66, who blossomed with the Yankees, and the Mets took three of four from him. Then came Bobby Cox of the Braves, who turns 69 on May 21, whose only major league playing was with the Yankees, and the Mets took three straight from him. Now comes Joe Torre, 69, of the Dodgers, who played and managed for the Mets before winning four World Series across town. He’s working without a contract beyond this season, for a franchise whose owner, Frank McCourt, is going through a divorce.

As a result of this new found Mets renaissance, we experience the bizarre.

And around the league we go:

Are you sold on Stephen Strasburg yet? DC Matt is.  Craig Calcaterra is.  I think I am too.

Since Moutain Frank hasn’t weighed in yet, we’ll turn to Rob Neyer who reflects upon Chris Iannetta getting farmed out in Colorado.

Here’s the last link on the Ryan Howard contract, this time from Dave Studemen of THT.


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2 Responses

  1. Mountain Frank says:

    For Iannetta what it boils down to is playing time. Miguel Olivio leads the Rockies in home runs, but that can’t be expected to be the case for much longer. The hotter he stays, however, the more he’s in the lineup. That meant less at-bats for Iannetta and less opportunities to break out of the slump. Time at AAA will give him steady at-bats and chances to find a groove. When Olivo inevitably cools, Iannetta will be back and the playing time should be effectively split again.

  2. Chris J says:

    Strasburg is looking good. I will withhold judgement until he pitches in the Bigs. I hope he does well; it would be nice to see DC play better ball for a whole season.

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