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Let the Crying Commence

Yes, Virginia, the East Coast Bias is alive and well.

I confess: I can’t read this article in its entirety, but if you’re a) a die-hard sabermatrician; or b) a Phillies fan, you may want to check it out.  The Phillies Nation blog is jumping on the “Ruben Amaro is Ed Wade’s revenge” bandwagon.  Or, in other words: bad deal.

Beyond the Box Score jumped on the anti-Howard Contract bandwagon as well.

In case you’re interested, Baseball America’s High School Top 25 for the week is posted.

Cardboard Gods has a great post up about George Brett.

Methinks Jeff Karstens is not a proportional response to the pitching difficulties of the Pirates.


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5 Responses

  1. jjb says:

    Did the Phillies just price Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder and A-Gone out of the National League? I think that’s a valid question that’s only being hinted at right now.

  2. Chris J says:

    Who is this JJB character? Albert Pujols will make more than Howard on the next contract….as for all this talk about the Howard contract, I am not crazy about it, but I am not upset. I am more of a pitching-first fan and would rather have used that money toward a top pitcher. Of course, that’s riskier than giving the big contract to a position player. The fact is, if you want to sign a top player in MLB these days, the club is going to have to take on some kind of risk in terms of years. No way Sabbathia plays out his whole contract. I was under the assumption the Phillies would trade Howard next year for good pitching talent, but they went a different route. No way Werth stays in town at this point.

    • jjb says:

      Of course Pujols makes more. What I wonder is what National League teams could afford Pujols and still stay competitive at other positions. The Dodgers…and the list seems to end right there. I think the Howard contract puts the Cardinals in a tough situation.

  3. jjb says:

    Also, I am Day Man: Fighter of the Night Man, Champion of the Sun.

    • Chris J says:

      I hope it does; I’ve never liked St. Louis since Rolen went there because it was “baseball heaven”. All the St. Louis fans were trashing Philly fans saying that we don’t appreciate our players. Plus I don’t like LaRussa. So when the two had a falling out, I enjoyed it….as for your point, why not the Mets? They should have an adequate budget. But I guess there are more big market teams in the AL.

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