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One More Dallas Braden/Alex Rodriguez Post

The New York Daily News’ Bill Madden asked Tom Seaver what he thought about A-Rod’s mound-expedition and his subsequent explanation for his Sunday column.

The results:

“Really?” said Tom Seaver, “I wonder if he would do and say that with Bob Gibson?”

I asked Seaver if he thought Braden over-reacted to A-Rod’s treading on his turf. “You just don’t do that,” the Mets‘ “Franchise” said. “Especially someone who’s played the game as long as (Rodriguez) has. Let me ask him this: ‘Would you dare to do something like that on Don Drysdale, Nolan Ryan, Gibson or me? All of a sudden you remember protocol.”

Jim Kaat, another well-respected pitcher, agreed that players who would dare to cross over the pitcher’s mound on their way to the dugout do so at their own peril.


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2 Responses

  1. Chris J says:

    I have watched baseball my whole life. Played it too. I have never heard of that “unwritten rule” until that happened. That being said, A-Rod is a first-class jerk.

  2. Jersey Matt says:

    I hadn’t necessarily heard of the rule itself, but it seems pretty evident to me that running over the pitcher’s mound when the opposing pitcher is right there is a rather foolish thing to do.

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