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Monte Irvin — Maven of Commonsense

Rob Neyer posted a link yesterday to a recent interview with former Giant outfield Monte Irvin

Here’s the key piece from the SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle piece:


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2 Responses

  1. UP says:

    Readers interested in learning more about Monte Irvin can find numerous references to him and his influence on a rookie Giants outfielder can read WILLIE MAYS: THE LIFE, THE LEGEND by James S. Hirsch. Like all good biographies, it is tells the story of the times as well as the story of a person.

  2. Chris J says:

    Actually, I wrote a paper on female fans and African-American fans. As for the lack of black players, it is tied to the lack of interest in the black community. The MLB lost them beginning in the 1980s with the NBA’s renaissance and MLB had no clue until it was almost too late. They could have done a better job marketing, for sure. However, they have been making a bigger push lately. It’s not for lack of trying. Ironically, of course, baseball is more diverse than ever, with the exception of African-Americans. If you include Afro-Carribbean players, the percentage goes up a lot higher. I hate to admit it, but Bud Selig comes off pretty well in this area. He has made significant attempts to bring African-American fans back.

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