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Jorge Cantu: Sarcastic Genius?

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Matthew Futterman speculated that due to an extremely large sample size, baseball may be running out of new milestones.*

*One of the drawbacks of the WSJ is that articles only remain free for a day or two — as of this morning the link was still active, but I can give no guarantees for the future. 

Futterman began by pointing out an obscure achievement of Florida’s Jorge Cantu in this young season.  I’ll let Futterman explain:

The ink was barely dry on the scorecards after the Florida Marlins’ 5-3 win over the Cincinnati Reds on Wednesday night when the memo went out to baseball historians: Marlins third-baseman Jorge Cantu had made his mark, becoming the first player to have at least one hit and one RBI in each of his team’s first nine games.

Alright, fair enough.  What really caught my attention, however, was Cantu’s response to his “milestone”:

“It hit me when I was rounding the bases,” a reverent Mr. Cantu told reporters after the game. “It’s a little bit surreal. It’s like, ‘Wow I’ve accomplished something very big.’ “

Was Cantu serious? 

If he was serious, then I’m left scratching my head. 

But, if Cantu answered reporters faceitiously, two points spring to mind: 1) Futterman was desperate for a lede to this story and did not actually notice Cantu’s sarcasm; 2) Good for Cantu for answering what likely was a foolish question (How does it feel to set this record?) with a deadpan answer.


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