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Great Moments in Fake Non-Moves

Craig Calcaterra posted earlier today about the decrease in Raul Ibanez’s bat speed.  DC Matt and I passed on Ibanez in our fantasy draft (we’re defending champions, you know?).  And we did so with emphasis.  In fact, in our pre-draft discussions, we marked Raul as someone from which to stay away at all costs.*

On the other hand, I advocated furiously for picking Lance Berkman as “The Centrist Fielder’s” first baseman.  My bad.

*We pledge to refrain from hanging prepositions at Baseball Jeremiad when at all possible.


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  1. Chris J says:

    Well, he’s coming off a serious injury and surgery. I think he will get it together. I am closer to the situation. The same thing was said about Thome 5 years ago, and he’s hit about 125 HRs since

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